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    Skeppy takes a Tour of a Skeppy Hater Server... no, seriously.

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    Sooooo today Vurb introduced me to a server that literally HATES me for fun? WHAT. I even visited the "Skeppy Hating Room" and guys it was... a lot. They apparently meet every Monday. They compared me to an oompa loompa? i'm still offended, so like, I may never dye my hair now. I honestly do not understand what I did to deserve this. So I may have trolled them back a little. And then I may have gotten banned. If this video gets 100K likes I might even get BadBoyHalo to visit if they unban me LMAO so please like this video :D

    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This me trolling people who can't stand me LMAO

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    1. Skeppy

      by the way I was unbanned later and fixed the TNT explosions, i’m so nice I help my haters😤😤😤

      1. Halo

        Man someone gets hated on and helps the people that hate him what a guy.

      2. KXRNURGaiming

        It's ok skeppy I'm still in your side that's just normal

      3. itz-Rifa

        Best person ever

      4. Ivo4168

        Skeppy I don’t hate u u the best youtuber u best u so nice 😊

      5. deadpool cat

        How do u use obs to screen record

    2. Ben Mountain Gangster

      “There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere”

    3. Elaine francesca

      I love skeppy! ❤️

    4. Chris LIN

      He could just go in creative

    5. road kill

      skeppy ur the best minecraft youtuber cause ur my fan

    6. GamerB0i And ARI!

      hey skeppy, the video made itto the internet

    7. GamerB0i And ARI!


    8. Siobhan Devilee

      Skeppy it dosent matter what they think u are beutiful and im subscribed

    9. Bo3storejue

      zak ^_^

    10. Ultra Man


    11. PlayToons

      As skeppy being my favorite HRaeror, this hurt

    12. Yuushiinix

      I just wanna rejoice at the fact that skeppy uses Telegram

    13. Dr Hong

      I hate skeppy


      skeppy:WHAT DID I DO TO YOU GUYS? 5 seconds earlier skeppy:HAHA YOU SUCK

    15. Jessie and Hailey

      verb:zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak zak Skeppy: WHAT

    16. saito-sama

      u shouldve just used /fill air insteand

    17. zipe


    18. Kurt Andrei Fidelino

      I think there bunch of kids LOL xD


      If I was them I would be nice to youtubers like you skeppe

    20. rhian_qtieme.

      just wanna thanks skeppy's haters for watching his vid😩

    21. Hannah L Sparkle

      SKEPPY:I bet I can beat this guy EH EH EHHHHH that was so funny

    22. Itz_möčhā♡︎

      I created a hate server for u, anybody who joins falls in lava❤️‍🔥

    23. Tricia Lee

      Complete this in the comments BBH joining this be like: …

    24. Ultra

      ."skeppy hater server" but his head is a diamond

    25. Nonsense_ rat

      Imagine if they did this to badboyhalo Everyone would just be screaming at their walls in panic

    26. ꕤOriginAlliRosiieꕤ

      bet arilipsker is always disliking skeppys vids but still watch the whole thing

    27. The Vault The Official Channel

      Are the red Skeppys foreshadowing of Egg!Skep?

    28. Bells Wosochlo

      Those are kid hates

    29. Owls but gay


    30. iwan Marc Hartanto

      do this in live ur lovers be like:joins the server and raids it

    31. TOM GAMES

      can you tell the server name and server address

    32. Carina Chirino

      More like the egg skeppy

    33. devon loves orcids

      You chat use telegram?? Cuz i use telegram..

    34. kpodefkshf

      7:12 skeppy squares lol

    35. Connor Plays


    36. LittleBlob


    37. 7starz

      Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears Keppy swears

    38. Rosangela Roque-Ortiz


    39. EliSei4ik

      i like when skeppy reads with high pitched voice xd edit: when you was op you should've just write /fill ~1 ~1 ~1 ~32 ~32 ~32 minecraft:tnt

    40. Robloxian soldier

      After skeppys pain night and day making videos this what happens

    41. Ahmed Hameed

      They are not lying most of your challenges you call your fans idiots in chat

    42. qqwerty659

      they are all techno goons

    43. Hoang Laiviet

      Can you make a video revere the server

    44. Ryan Tang

      If someone hates on you is usually because they’re unhappy with their own life’s so don’t take it personal

    45. MJm

      ): poor skeppy

    46. Jing Zhu

      Who hates Skeppy.

      1. Jing Zhu

        I like Skeppy.

    47. ZzASDFzZ

      All the dislikes are from the people in the server

    48. Sheena Wang

      Ppl hate on Skeppy?!?!? Like he's a king

    49. yup


    50. Kyle Kinloch

      I like it how sometimes, sleepy saids like or die tmr at the end of the vid, so it kinda makes a little sense

    51. Göte Jansson


    52. Dan

      If you hate skeppy comment 👇

    53. • tan •

      nah i just wanted to say those lol

    54. • tan •


    55. • tan •


    56. • tan •

      I LOVE YOU

    57. • tan •


    58. MeganDogsLover

      The thumbnail is egg lore, because, you know, r e d s k e p p y

    59. shovah Minecraft

      "i am so sTanable !!"

    60. SYAFIM

      so sad because they all hate you if i thee i will help you skeppy

    61. Jayden Toh

      Why help haters

    62. bella Almassoud

      Why do they have you geez

    63. ninja warrior gamming YT

      Any way skeppy if you dint like the server than why doesn't you report the server last time the same happen with me they banned me and I report and they said sorry later and said me to unreport so I did🤔🤔🤔

    64. Frederick Potter

      God loves the person reading this truly unconditionally ❤️❤

    65. hiddc9y

      Yeah you nice, but i think after this "war" ,all of them will hate you so much😶😶😶

      1. hiddc9y

        He will help you🙃🙃🙃

      2. hiddc9y

        Tell to badboyhalo

    66. Mowing Mudding and more

      Safe spaces don’t exist

    67. Rianne_ Flower

      Fun fact skeppy is more popular than the haters so they are jealous

    68. Idk Bc idk

      Should have banned them first

    69. Lokmane Redjemi


    70. Benjamin Vinther

      Like you

    71. Mr end

      Dates was rally cool server if dates was good about you

    72. 04 - Calil Banaag

      Do you know how I feel about Skeppy haters? THEY ARE F***** POOPYBUTTS FOR NOT LIKING SKEPPY HES SO NICE AND A GOOD HRaeroR

    73. thicc Funneh chip

      Just look at skeppy's face it's so cute why would they hate it

    74. Frostbite Crystal


    75. olliewas.....nerverfound

      tbh the haters are funny

    76. Devaughn Timoll

      remember kids, if somebody hates you, griefing is always the answer

    77. Tomek Zog

      what's ip?

    78. what!!!!

    79. didyougetawhoppa11yt

      they had the egg skeppy skin in the thumbnail

    80. Gyan Nahak


    81. Maya Bianchi

      Wtf = where's the fish

    82. Zachary Freiwald

      There lame

    83. Nuclear fallen king


    84. RegRub


    85. carter dunny

      This is just for the heat video I don’t actually hate you I’m just saying

    86. yantles

      Dont hate this diamond man

    87. June’s beep

      Hater! What

    88. Leandro Fernandes

      pov they never won a challenge from skeppy so they become haters and emo🤨💀

    89. Super Mario Anthony

      I think you are a amazing Minecraft player you are the person who has great talent 😀

    90. Elly W

      TNT part was my fav AHHAHAHAHAHA

    91. Mason Lemerande

      you’re the best

    92. Lesbian Gxcha

      thats a sick build ttho

    93. Moshe Luna

      Skeppy I have a question about you do you like sky?

    94. Axolotl gaming

      I don’t know who would hate you but I really like your videos.

    95. yx Mandani

      I don’t hate you

    96. IPromiseItsNotMe

      1:40 So he looks irritated...

    97. The sheep

      Nah ur not best minecrafter it’s techno and techno has u in loser list

    98. Who else is gonna join me to ruin the servers whole career ? Anyone is allowed to join.

    99. kayte

      I Hate people hate skeppy because the haters are soo stupid the hearts ask skeppy to join lol