I Troll BadBoyHalo with An Even More Confusing Minecraft Mod


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    Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo with an Even More Confusing Minecraft Mod. This was amazing.

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    Today I challenged BadBoyHalo to punch me IN THE FACE for $10,000. That's all he has to do. Seriously. He just has to find me in 14 minutes, you know how much I liked timed challenges LMAO. We're not allowed to break blocks or go under water. We basically played hide and seek honestly but I had a secret troll advantage hehehehe. Watch me watch Bad go through houses trying to find me while I chill with my Ghost Blocks and One-Way Glass (LOL). He's obsessed with levers for some reason and thinks that the key to catching me? Bad truly got outskilled here so if you would like to see more of these challenges be sure to hit the like on this video and pull the lever on the subscribe button. Please I'm so broke after Bad winning. This was cursed.

    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friend BadBoyHalo doing a Minecraft Hide & Seek Speedrun challenge in Cursed Minecraft.

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    1. rameez hendricks

      If they stop being friends, I'm gonna cry

    2. ¿¡ J a c k e l y n ¡¿

      Lmao I just love how confusing bbh is when he finds out about the mod

    3. Alexutu niri

      Can u do more videos like this?

    4. Hunor Göthér

      mod name?

    5. Liveactionme

      14 min 14 minutes... Fourteen

    6. Kris

      what mod

    7. monke

      we do a lot of trolling

    8. Yellow


    9. ImRainPlays

      I font know what 14 means and im tooscared to ask at this point

    10. Nesquick-Nuggy

      He was in creative the wholetime,, how is he supposed to be hit

    11. blu berry

      He still never hit u :>

    12. Nice and steady learning


    13. canal secreto 2

      6:47 bbh said im fu**in done im brazilian btw

    14. lemacron station


    15. Hallaouk Dakota


    16. Ink Sans!

      I miss skeppy's amazing content where are you skep?

    17. DanaMation

      You got him to curse

    18. Diamond Gem


    19. purple hair girl roblox

      Something i noticed: Skeppy is On creative Mode So How will bbh even gon win?

    20. The rock When he sees my pp

      What's the mod name?

    21. Squooble

      WHY IS SKEPPY IN CREATIVE? After i watched the video: HOW DID HE LOSE WHEN HE CAN FLY?

    22. Fwosh

      Skeppy: Cheats with mods Also skeppy: loses

    23. ItsUnpug

      “Goodbye you muffinhead” “Wait I won Skep-“

    24. Kevin C


    25. EnderIsa5

      the troll was that badboyhalo had to puch skeppy in real life

    26. Domca 10

      Why are you in creative?

    27. KrisX Gaming

      GLASS MOD lets go Edit: wait is it or this is some one way glass?

    28. zero

      b BH hit skeppy and didn't win why they said if he hit him once he won

    29. XiaoxLumine


    30. thai son vu nguyen

      stand still ok

    31. thai son vu nguyen

      you like so stuppid step a place god

    32. Gusputer

      What mod is this?

    33. lolgamerfox09

      whats the mod that he used?

    34. Nicholas Fael

      what's the mod name ?

    35. SlimeTime1

      hahah 1.4

    36. Gecko Girl

      5:44 BBH Finds out the wonders of skeppys videos

    37. toastza

      At 6:46 badboyhalo sounded dead inside

    38. Jon gaming an stuff

      Who else heard him say wtf then what the muffin

    39. Akio Oikawa

      I wanna know how to download the mod- and prank my brother of course

    40. Miraculous Writer

      Lol skeppy is almost like the guy version of Aphmau. Pulling off all these pranks😂

    41. MiaNotFoundWasTaken

      Skeppys laugh is so cute

    42. Nightmare Dream

      6:52 CactusBoyHalo 😂

    43. Afdhal Niz

      The unadvised maple internationally return because porch phytochemically juggle astride a fortunate top. amazing, abortive sugar

    44. punk bruh

      no it takes 4.2

    45. Alec

      I Started Watching This Video At 7:14 pm....

    46. Scarlett Vargas

      Your clearly a diamond so it's diamond head

    47. UnafraidCupid46

      0:01 i love the background song its perfect for a victory time

    48. Andhika Storm

      Hahaha lol😂

    49. karen law

      this is like manhunt XDXD

    50. Gene Farren


    51. Sasha Garcia

      make a room with that mod and put to minecraft beds in there xd

    52. Joaquin Mart

      what is the mod called

    53. Mlo

      Skeppy: I have to go bbh: okay... WAIT I WON SKEP- *video ends*

    54. NubbyHD

      I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ

    55. Chimmysguardian

      Did bbh curse at 6:47

      1. PlayItOnIpad

        He said “I’m flipping done”

    56. Tumthong Family

      This is a comment ( and you just got coconut mall'ed )

    57. KoruKat

      Skephalo for life~!

    58. Flaming 5054

      1.4 seconds to check if subscribed, he wants us to Spam bbh with 14s it is secret code

    59. x{Ragil_Studios}x

      5:50 BadBoyHalo likes to replace cuss words with the word muffin lol

    60. talon fishy

      You were in creative mode so you couldn't be hurt

    61. the running man

      Skeppy can't stop trolling badboyhalo

    62. Christian D


    63. Lucus Johnson


    64. Luke Tan

      What name for this mod O_o

    65. BDF TP fendresops VFF Technolygy 3 FDG MN KL UIOPS

      Skeppy you can't troll me, if I will there I will found you


      lol first part of the vid he has aphmaus mod

    67. Ahmed gaming

      How to download this mod

    68. Adventure Boi

      5:32 voice crack

    69. Lưu Mạnh Cường

      in among us

    70. Lưu Mạnh Cường

      Muffin head is cusing

    71. Tech Arts

      Trolling Badboyhalo with a scary soundboard is a pretty good video suggestion (by me ;) )

    72. Dark Demon

      Bad’s sanity is ✨gone✨

    73. L Curry

      everyone: skeppy badboyhalo: ske🅱🅱y

    74. Narked

      WHEN DID UTUBE ADDED 2160p60

    75. evette licon

      8;20 wgt

    76. Jaimee Moshe

      0:00 did he say toll? not troll i swaer he said toll

    77. Mike Mazeall

      my brain hurts

    78. Super Boots the dog

      what mod is this?

      1. Super Boots the dog

        @Nick ok

    79. bbcbbc 111

      badboybaldman be like WHERE IS MY 10K huhhhh?

    80. Me

      umm i have that mod its called SecretRoomsMod

    81. Coolevin4051

      Please give me this mod

      1. Coolevin4051

        @Nick thanks bro 👍🏼

    82. BruceJD

      Wich Mod is that

    83. 🍕ℙ!𝕫𝕫@ ℂ𝟘𝕣𝕖🍕

      badboyhalo: wait no no i won skep- skeppy: *stops recording*

    84. Andrea Drab

      Skeppy or should I say trollpy? Bc you troll BADBOYHALO so much

    85. Niki Giuliani

      What this mod called


      *ABlGA BOOGA*

    87. Susan Haws

      I have lost brain cells

    88. The_Big_Monkey

      what mod did he use?

      1. ADHD PsychoX

        @The_Big_Monkey one way glass and I don’t know what mod he used to phase in the blocks of

      2. The_Big_Monkey

        @ADHD PsychoX thanks, but do you know the mod they used for hide and seek too?

      3. ADHD PsychoX

        Immersive portals

    89. Koobos01

      What mod

    90. Angel Jasmine

      Say hi

    91. GamingMe

      w h a t i s t h i s m o d

      1. GamingMe

        @Nick t h a n k y o u

    92. A C


    93. Yeet

      What mods were he using?

    94. Leanna Cangla

      “Half a second my ✨foot✨” -bbh Lmaoo

      1. babey belle


    95. Leanna Cangla

      Me 7 mins into the vid: “1.4 ... OMG I GET IT!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH LMAOOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣”

    96. Brandon Lukacs

      what was the name of the mod

    97. E

      this is for me'

    98. Sasuke Uchiha

      Does anyone else hear dream’s speedrun music in the background

      1. • AmyAnimations •


      2. lxvesvalue


    99. The lightweight Warrior

      No, no, i won ske

    100. Bittersweet Rain

      I love how they could pick any time, but no. It’s 14.