Dream SMP, But I Troll BadBoyHalo...


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    Skeppy epically trolls BadBoyHalo on the Dream SMP

    THANK YOU @BadBoyHalo

    Today BadBoyHalo and I are making some fun new additions to our house!! :) I saw how hard Bad worked on cleaning up the place and I wanted to contribute and surprise him :D I wanted to keep mine secret though for as long as possible so I had Bad gather supplies for his own surprise structure and man was it hilarious LMAO. His reaction to this was SO funny guys and this structure took FOREVER to build so if you enjoyed this video please be sure to hit it with a like and check to make sure you’re subscribed. I hope Dream and everyone on the Dream SMP loves our new house

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is the funniest troll I think I’ve ever done on the Dream SMP

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    1. Skeppy

      please dont question anything

      1. Côme Fds

        @Rainii wth

      2. Asp37

        @OwO's Grandma its something related to u

      3. johan cedrick jayara

        I ask what is that build

      4. ZAMBONI

        @HAPPINESS btw please say your name

    2. Trickexe

      Skeppy, LOVE YOUR CONTENT!

    3. Haresh


    4. Everywhereblue

      „Go to the 14 and mine the Nether“ - skeppy 2021

    5. Abby From Wii Sports

      “Go to the 14 and mine the nether” -Skeppy

    6. mireyaaa


    7. mireyaaa


    8. Mr Business

      those kids who dont get it

    9. Charles_in

      Get rid of the thing on There housee

    10. Nathan But Diff


    11. Marwa Saleh

      What is that

    12. ravenwaslost

      go to the 14 and mine the nether. -skeppy 2021

    13. Kelley Hansen

      10/10 build 👏 👏

    14. Poppy_rblxYt

      Hold on… how did he know how to build this… uhh 😬

    15. •°Iżūmī°•

      Lol 12:05 go to the 14 and mine the nether😂

    16. Trevor Godbey

      Its only been 5 months and u have 5.94 million subs not 1 million

      1. xXShadowXx


    17. MaL

      its just an upside down t idk why bbh was so mad

    18. watery dog

      Where is the hair

    19. Blackrose

      6:20 what song is that

    20. MGL MoonShadow Assassin

      I O O

    21. MGL MoonShadow Assassin

      I O O

    22. cloudy limeade

      looks beautiful skeppy

    23. JustLlama

      skeppy: digging dirt with his fist me: SKEPPY…YOU HAVE A DIAMOND SHOVEL IN YOUR INVENTORY

    24. TashmitSks

      this shit's messed up

    25. Dare

      I know it is

    26. Alpha Ducki

      BBH genuinely sounded happy for a moment

    27. Benjamin Smith

      What was the build

    28. Brownie dog


    29. Absent Axolotl

      why from the start i guessed it was gonna be a pp

    30. Addy_plays

      I cant see anything but reminds me the spot....

    31. Biscuit Krueger

      I could see it when it was blurred before and I- I was speechless

    32. Biscuit Krueger

      I don’t even know how, but the thumbnail was so nostalgic

    33. Gtoledo07

      Skeppy I think your not funny your mom dad sis or bro will not be happy when you did that

    34. Stuart Liversedge


    35. Izzat Gamer

      Tommy won't do that coZ he will show us

    36. Zarina Bonsu

      Bbh went 🎶in to the thick of it 🎶 He actually went inside 😳😳

    37. Mystic


    38. Unsliceable

      Its just an REALY detailed upside down T...

    39. angel_playsgames


    40. Yzille Mede

      badboyhalo is better than skeppy


      12:05 he said "Go to the 14 and mine the neather"

    42. Fwosh

      Dsmp but I play dsmp

    43. Not Even Close

      Best T

    44. Stranger

      Go to the 14 and mine nether

    45. Lemuel Kang

      is that a pennis... cool

    46. TheMaxShow76

      What about the egg?How do they just forget

    47. Sundew


      1. Dying._. Bald- 🍄

        Hes saying that too often- hm

    48. Dengi Vivo

      What is that

    49. Person With Artist Block

      C h i l d

    50. bannanaboop 12

      i would recognize that mc Donald's anywhere from tsmc minecraft

    51. L

      Go to the 14 and mine the nether 😂😂😂😂😂😂 12:17

    52. Riley Stokes

      Nice ice *cream*

    53. Winchester Chua

      I saw a video of Tommy seeing this but I forgot what it's called.

    54. 0:

    55. did he build the middle finger>

    56. Pnut_Playz

      Skeppy: go to the 14 and mine the nether

    57. GracieTT GracieTT

      Me: can’t hear skeppy at all so I turn the volume way up Bbh: *S K E P P Y*

    58. furiouspengine 7

      Foolish is. A morin

    59. Min Suga

      Not me thinking it was cake or something until I read the comments 😃🤚

    60. ZeroFoundContent

      Skeppy why the p*nis? Ugh

    61. ♡sweetlyx♡

      This reminds me of something...... *2m later* oh- uh

    62. lonermark

      6:20 cool clip

    63. Zank Films

      Proof Skeppy is literally 14

    64. Plab

      btw i love the friendship these two have

    65. Plab

      You said pink tulips

    66. Chase Silvestri

      Ranboo and captainpuffy: ok never mind look away Eret: that’s a big p3n1s

    67. Cooper Johnson


    68. Reto Beat

      the middle finger

    69. yoshikage kira

      Should i subcribe to you hmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    70. Cameron Phillips

      “Go to the 14 and mine the nether”

    71. Pesecake aj

      Trolling BBH has never been easier

    72. Dillon Boyens


    73. JustDeral

      glorious pp tower

    74. Swirllo


    75. Al Cedrick Villalba


    76. Al Cedrick Villalba

      Please skeppy

    77. Raiden Carl

      very questionable

      1. Mugi hates Halloween.

        Herrscher of b words? Give me some big ones right now I can't afford it so you have too give me them. The videos by the way.

    78. Wendy Soetevent

      12:17 "go to the 14 and mine the nether"

    79. AleksaSupermanYT

      OK, im few months late, but... Ye. Tommy's stream...

    80. marsnoot

      as soon as i saw the base of the build... i knew what it was... xD

    81. عبدالعزيز العلي


    82. Tanzina Matin

      The structure was a long p*nis structure building which is made of dumb materials including sandstone, quartz but most importantly, PINK WOOL

    83. Hunter super piggy

      Why did you make that thing

    84. ItsMyst1c

      Skeppyhalo is skeppy and bbh together there couple name( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

    85. ilay saranga


    86. Johnwhz

      13:42 they're building up at the same time

    87. ColaMochii

      Mr skep what’s that it looks yummy

    88. Cookie_Gacha

      I'm laughing so hard😂😂😂

    89. Cub1c06

      Skeppy channel description: Skeppy - friendly and fun gaming content! *Draws a penis*

    90. ChickenPlayz


    91. Zane Knight

      We wont

    92. Zane Knight

      Skeppys be like

    93. Bunniii

      I'm getting ripped tonight

    94. playz champ

      What was that

    95. ItzNooby

      "Go to the 14 and mine the nether" -Skeppy 2021

    96. Wantts

      is this channel demonetized lmao

      1. Akashアカシュ

        Only this vid xD

    97. Golden Experience Requiem

      Yes totally normal it’s nothing on your body it does not start with a “p” and it is just a upside down T simple as that nothing else

    98. Kamarithegxd

      That reminds me of something I can’t say, why u build that? That is so weird bro.

    99. SpaghettiFingers

      BBH asked Skeppy to pronounce lilac and laughed at him while he was pronouncing peony wrong. You pronounce it like pee a knee