I Troll BadBoyHalo in BATTLE ROYALE...


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    Skeppy Troll BadBoyHalo in Battle Royale...
    Spellbreak is cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression and is free to play on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Check it out: www.inflcr.co/SH7GB

    Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo And For Once, It's Not In Minecraft...

    Today BadBoyHalo and I play a brand new game called Spellbreak :D What he doesn't know is that I've been practicing, you know, just a little bit, and I've gotten REALLY good at this game. And honestly he could barely exile the first guy that we ran into so he is guaranteed gonna need my help to get through this LMAO. There was so much cool loot for us to grab throughout the game and PLENTY of opportunities to troll Bad, they even had ravines in the game, they really just made it so easy for me hehe. I gotta say the "reviving your squad" feature is one of my favorites :) Plus I think Bad really liked my Bush strategy!!! This video was so fun and hilarious to make so thanks again to Spellbreak for sponsoring this video!!! Also sub to @BadBoyHalo for his amazing singing skills

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's just BadBoyHalo being bad at video games honestly

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    1. BadBoyHalo

      I can't believe you Skeppy >:O

      1. Stratus


      2. Profsmashbro 11

        You said the f*ck word

      3. 𝙏𝙍𝙄𝙂𝙂𝙀𝙍

        I can’t believe I forgot to subscribe to you bbh

      4. • S̶k̶y̶e̶ •


      5. Julian Forbes

        Bbh says wtf

    2. FshyUrov

      bbh said Wtf

    3. Deepika Jayaraman

      I hope I didn’t heard that right

    4. 🧋Moonlight🧋

      When they were flying in the air together And they were laughing together and saying WEEEEEEE together was so cuteeee 🥺

    5. drakedaza

      4:15 did you hear badboyhalo swear?

    6. Red_GOD333

      Don't know what you guys are thinking but the sun is a star

    7. Best.Dog123


    8. DaBigFreeze

      “Its on any platform you can think of” Me: *immediately thinks of IOS which funny enough doesn’t have spell break*

    9. NotNooks

      when you hear badboyhalo say what f**k skeepy in 4:17 😳

    10. WalletInspector


    11. Jacob Ebbesen


    12. Alex Loader

      Skeppy: This video is sponsored by... Me: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    13. Prophecy Jr

      4:17 bbh cusses

    14. zuzkaa __

      4:19 did bbh just cursed or I'm hearing things?

    15. G⃠a⃠c⃠h⃠a⃠P⃠e⃠k⃠

      "WEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH" Why did that get me- lol

    16. vvizion20

      I swear spellbreak sponsors like everyone

    17. Fanny is funny

      4:16 did bbh just said wtf?

    18. Yadira Contreras

      Is it just me or did he say the f word In one of the clips...

    19. ……UwU……

      *UwU this is way to funnnyy🤣*

    20. Benjamin Billings

      i hate you skeppy

    21. Beckett Hoffman

      4:17 does bbh say wtf 😳

    22. AK Master 64

      Oh 4:15

    23. Nlj623

      Bbh swore

    24. -Aki-

      This is rip off fortnite

    25. Creator plays31

      4:11 I swear bbh said the f word

    26. UKNrlt YT

      WHAT THE FU- 4:16

    27. Frost Mode

      4:17 did badboyhalo swear...

    28. LmanburQ. シ

      Am I the only one that heard bbh swear at 4:17 ??

    29. Alex Parra Parra

      Skeppy: "I THREW A BOOGER AT HIM"

    30. The Taco Kingdom

      4:13 BBH SWEAR!!!

    31. Ive Caj

      Idk if i am deaf but i think bbh said what the favk😁✨

    32. minerliton


    33. Hakim Souilem


    34. XxFoxesAreAwesomexX


    35. •Cherry•

      We can all agree that bbh is so damn adorable

      1. Shadow


    36. Viral Wasp

      Is it just me or did BadBoyHalo swear?!?!?

    37. TheLostHacker


    38. jupiter umbreon

      4:18 badboy halo swears

    39. Nanami Momozono

      Skeppy:*singing weeeeeee with badboyhalo* Me:*laughing*

    40. Nanami Momozono

      Badboyhalo:Weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeee ahhhhh Me:what am I just NO!

    41. Ploppy

      i think i heard badboyhalo swear

    42. Nicholis Van niekerk

      Did you just swear BBH

    43. Froigy Chan

      4:13 what did he sayyyy

    44. Samuel Barratt

      4:16 BBH Actually swore

    45. Filhos Raquel

      BHH swears !!!!!! !

    46. Oceanthesimp

      1:53 weeeeeeeWEEEEEAHH

    47. Brownie dog


    48. Review Stuffz

      Plz try split gate next time it has like 30 mins of loading in but then after that it's in no time to load in to games think portal and halo

    49. Cow117 YT

      4:15 BBH swore

    50. MinecraftGamer

      I can't tell if bbh said fudge or f***

    51. MinecraftGamer


    52. MinecraftGamer

      skeppy: the switch store, and many other badboyhalo IT GOT ME SO GOOD

    53. Moses Degen

      no ones gona talk about badboyhalo swearing

    54. minerliton

      6:12 why did i immediately think of the "woohoo in bush" command on sims

    55. Susan Nguyen

      “weeeeeeeeeee :D weeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAA-“

    56. Lazycookiegacha

      weeeee weeeeeahhhhhhhh!

    57. Energy Cancel


    58. ayo bozo

      baldboyhalo said "fucdge"

    59. ParadiseX

      I first thought you were playing Genshin Impact

    60. Hola • hace 6 años

      Hola :b

    61. Havyl aiko

      Badboyhalo just sweard :0 4:18

    62. gamr chicken


    63. John Lewis

      4min 16sec

    64. crackzz

      Skeppy: I’ve been practicing for like 10 days I win every single round! Also Skeppy: *level 1*

    65. Duy Van Ho

      Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh

    66. Sunky the hedhog

      wait i dont remember this from 2 months ago i thought it was 9 months what

    67. ortiz cousins

      You swerd

    68. Nibbles

      At 4.15 did badboyhalo swear...... :0

    69. Cheerio rat

      Did anybody notice (4:13)

    70. Revan Gamer01

      4:18 Badboyhalo swearing he says the f word

    71. LeeyyuummXD

      No one: Me: dis fortnite? Also me 👁👄👁 Also Also me I love you Skeppy and Badboyhalo :D I think Badboyhalo swore4:18

    72. Turtle Dove

      4:18 Did *BadBoyHalo* Just swear!?

    73. Luca LeBlanc

      He said it will a on the Xbox live store BUT ITS NOT!!!!

    74. Redz

      4:18 BBH CURSED!?

    75. Yagoob J



      i have video graphic evidence that badboyhalo sweared

    77. MumamOfficial

      So basically, so i subscribed now give me my 1000$

    78. Randomnesss E

      Plz make more of this

    79. Gio Alexi Gaming

      did badboyhalo swear 4:16 you pressed read more didint you :D

    80. Anto7nya


    81. Bluegamer 542

      He said fudge watch in 0.5x

    82. Kaw Thaw


    83. Kylie Custodio

      4:18 LANGUAGE

    84. Brent Rylee Rocero

      I liked when badboyhalo saying "weeeeeeee"

    85. Abigail Reid


    86. Owen WILLIAMS

      I have spellbreak on my PS4 It’s really good

    87. miara [w][h][o]¿

      weeeeeee WEEEEEEAAAAAAA😂🤣🤣😂

    88. Ayy6Dee

      4:17 damn.. imma clip this

    89. lolipop🍭🍭

      Omg he swear

    90. Xander Castillo

      Did anyone else here bah say the f word 4:18

    91. Fwosh

      “This video is sponsored by raid shadow legends”

    92. GamerShots7811

      Rip off of apex legends

    93. Riley’s Pets

      BBH how are you🙃

    94. hey!

      "i threw a booger at him" -skeppy

    95. Potato And Jaguar

      he said fudge

    96. Chris Swaffield

      4:17. WHAT THE F#$%

    97. clurmpus


    98. Kaylin Tran

      Bbh: EEEEE AHH!

    99. reez