I Troll BadBoyHalo With The Shapeshift Mod


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    Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo With a Shape Shifter Mod

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    Today I am trolling BadBoyHalo with the CLASSIC Shape Shifter Mod! This time though instead of doing ANY sort of building we are playing an epic game of hide and go seek. I gave him food and even a potion of swiftness to get through this troll so honestly, I gave him every advantage. He had 15 minutes to see me, spot me out and win $10,000 in cold hard cash lmaoo. This was SO hilarious and fun to make so if you enjoyed this video PLEASE hit the subscribe button to see more hilarious content like this hahaha. He refused to even leave my call, honestly he is really the clingy one out of the two of us. I almost really messed at one point but we are pro gamers so it's okay, I figured it out in the end!

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's actually just the return of the ocelot meme LMAO

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    1. Melba Persaud


    2. NisaA

      bet bbh watched this

    3. Marislea Cotto

      BadBoyHalo… if u don’t reply to my comment I will call u a patato

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    5. Cloudstorm

      Make a skeppy plushie and also a hat :DDDDD

    6. ꧁SHXLLXNF̸1̷0̴W̶3̴R̸S꧂

      skep do you like bbh

    7. Nicholas Steele

      i love how he says wtm

    8. RandomSkin

      Pleasedo more trolling.I Just love it when BadBoyHalo is so confiused

    9. Patrick K


    10. Mohamed Ramzan

      He cant win without cheating

    11. Mohamed Ramzan


    12. Graig Robinson


    13. kîtty

      bbh: so we’re you like dressed as a mob the whole time? skeppy: *deep inhale* yeasssssss

    14. Technoblade Support

      0:05 basically the 4 hunters ending

    15. Funny summerplays


    16. [VW] VortexWolves

      Ezzzzz just look at a mob not eating and then kill it

    17. Andreas Karlsson

      But I Can Belive This!

    18. Funtime Novelty

      0:38 B O U N C Y T W E E N S

    19. Astxrism

      6:32 what the muffin🥺

    20. mireyaaa


    21. Stxrmy FN

      yuh i fricked that b

    22. Charli Aguilar

      Yea sub to skeppy 🙂

    23. ʷʰᵒᵗʰᵉᶠᵘᶜᵏⁱˢ-ᵍʰᵒˢᵗ

      6:32 oh yo what the muffin :D

    24. Silent Chopper

      Eeeeeeeeggggggggggggggg gggggggg

    25. Jane Her

      You always have an argument about the call and you guys say it is yours or bass call

    26. Tee19!

      I love your videos but it would help a lot if you put the link to download the mods

    27. Lisa Kyer

      7:19 wgar did he say?! HE JUST SAYED F"CK

    28. Crizshanne Palpallatoc


    29. Muhammad Fuzail

      I had popularmmos memories by watching this

    30. rhys hair

      use a counter on how much times skeppy needs to give bbh creative the counter:1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    31. Alexander Reed

      I only subed yesterday but ur channel is the best

    32. Emzi Wewers

      this video was so funny

    33. ik ben een meme


    34. Napoleon Bonaparte


    35. BoiVoid601

      6:31 “ what the muffin hahah

    36. Mr.Dank0

      :my rabbit when it goes to the wild and sees werid hunters 6:58

    37. Mr.Dank0

      the best badboyhalo inprestion 3:43

    38. Cr1mz

      чё фывфыв, не плагиатишь да?

    39. Chloe McKenzie-Matteson

      i love ur vids skeppy they the best

    40. Roy

      Flying ocelot 2: Electric Boogaloo

    41. prince of darkness

      Your both chanel is just trolling each other 🤣

    42. Vicky Song

      i hate you skeppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    43. Sierra Scarpino

      “Oh hi mister oc-“ 👁👅👁

    44. lex


    45. Chenlee Ann May Legaspi

      BBH got rektttttt

    46. Kimmy

      Bbh: Oh hi Mister! Me: **Gets a flashback of the FLYING OCELOT** Me: *BAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHHAHAHWAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAH*

    47. {Mussy_Moys}

      “I’m sorry I should’nt yell at you” Skephalo moment?

    48. Mariel Santillan

      Me:nope Mom:uhhhhhhh My pet cat stella:😴😴😴😴😴

    49. Kailyn-playzs—Roblox 101

      NOO LANGUAGE man

    50. Olivia Hooke

      How do you get the morph mod!?

    51. watery dog

      Honestly ended pearls would be more useful for this then diamonds

    52. Videogames101_321

      What is the morph mod he is using?

    53. Starrynight75

      “Woah, woah what the muffin” -Badboyhalo 2021

    54. Max Synther

      And the ocelot goes yeet

    55. GavinTheSavage

      I am a muffin

    56. Hannah Cheng


    57. minerliton

      11:18 LOL he was like "aww hello there mister- *what* "

    58. minerliton

      The subs are actually so accurate except skeppy's name

    59. HT Roblox

      The animation is so cute

    60. cescon


    61. Clifford Ray Raffael

      "oh hi mister what"

    62. Halo

      I made ur likes into 150K

    63. Ava_smolcookie

      I love skeppys cute laugh Agree with me? Yes or no

    64. kkarljjacobs


    65. Nanami Momozono

      Tricky skeppy

    66. GGplayz evrything GG

      There is an image of a minecraft potato with skeppys face on it and I has it as my lockscreen on my pc.

    67. GGplayz evrything GG


    68. evil

      im a fat little bit-

    69. Ashwin Joshi

      BadBoyHalo more like BadBadBad😂😂😂 Don’t judge I was board

    70. Brownie dog


    71. Brynlee


    72. YourLocal_.Idiot.

      the hoodies are sick and epic!!!

    73. Luke & His Father

      You make me feel like I’m home when I’m away :)

    74. Eddie Wahab

      One day troll him with ender dragon

    75. Delqo

      I hate bbh so much he is so stubborn and childish

      1. Moohn

        @Delqo Sure, but atleast i don’t look at comments trying to look "smart".

      2. Delqo

        @Moohn your insult would have been better without emojis honestly

      3. Moohn

        Just like you. 😳😳😳

    76. Custody

      Skeppy: *breathes* BBH: That's literally cheating

    77. L Dubs19XX

      If you need anew job modelling is it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥that’s one hot skeppy I’m that merch

    78. musa kandil

      flying squids look like alien missiles

    79. Axolotl gang

      ✨💎Skeppy💎✨ is so funny

    80. Eyes

      Hello :D

    81. Tahsinah Maliyat Chowdhury

      7:20 badboyhalo did you just swear !!!!

    82. llololo0

      badboyhalo is a potato

    83. llololo0

      Troll BadBoyHalo With The Shapeshift Mod

    84. llololo0

      bald boy halo

      1. llololo0

        he did his hairstlye like a potato

    85. please stand by


    86. Johnny Huang

      Is the egg still in the game, if yes then wat happened. was it like a mod, I am spa confused.

    87. Abdul Wasay

      Da muffinhead

    88. Naffie Njie

      pokemon and the other woman

    89. Scratch Potato Coder

      IS THIS ALREADY 4 MONTHS AGO OMG time flies. also how do you make the minecraft animation at 0:40 i wanna know XD

    90. Forced_Out 90

      What the Muffin head xD!!

    91. randomlifeyt 3

      where can we get this mod?

    92. ivän


    93. Mynameisnickblox

      what is the name of the mod

    94. Tamzin Heath

      You are so entertaining skeppy

    95. スパイ


    96. I make anime edits

      This was so funny

    97. Typical Animator

      The merch is nice keep it up

    98. Zoey Renee

      Skeppy: I am just a little osalotile Me: Please Shut up Shut up

      1. Albedo.


    99. EpicMarioBros