Skeppy vs CaptainPuffy - NETHER vs OVERWORLD Build Battle!


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    Skeppy and Captain Puffy Compete In An Escape Room Build Battle!

    Today I stressed out Captain Puffy LMAO in a really fun and interesting Build Battle hahah. But this time we are building AND solving our very own Escape Room's. Also we themed it! I had an Overworld theme - shut up I didn't forget guys everything is technically overworld - and Puffy's was Nether themed. Pretty easy, right? Puffy even included prizes which was honestly just the best thing ever hahaha! She totally didn't cheat by looking over the wall, by the way, I guess it's those "spidey senses" she was talking about it. Even Rat makes an appearance! Also like all of her questions were BadBoyHalo themed... Thanks Puffy. At least I have a voucher to make up for it. This video was so fun and funny to make so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like :D If this gets 100k likes maybe I'll challenge another HRaeror to a fun Build Battle!! Also sub to @CaptainPuffy she is the best :D

    Also! I will be uploading the BBH footage in a couple hours if you're looking for it.

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's Captain Puffy stressing out for 15 minutes LMAO

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    1. Maria Beatriz Sususco

      the wood he is using is from the nether


      Puffy is gonna do Nether Theme Skeppy is gonna do Over world theme Puffy did it correct Skeppy used Nether Blocks

    3. Animallover2467 8

      so uh whens the skephalo date

    4. Sunny Liu

      Yes, Warped planks are a overworld block

    5. •Emelia Lightning•

      It’s 12 dum dum Edit: it’s 24

    6. Marislea Cotto


    7. Drew Wieging

      Bruh the math question answer was 6

    8. orange bouncy ball

      Skeppy: THE THEAM OF THIS VIDEO IS NETHER VS ORER WORLD Also Skeppy: I forgot the theam

    9. Hazim Faragallah

      Skeppy be stupid

    10. Marycris Padilla

      No lie i thought captainpuffy was a boy

    11. Marty_heart

      Is anyone gonna tell skeppy the wood he was using at the beginning is from the nether 👁👄👁

    12. Honk_Gamerz

      •~• ye nether Don't has Sky

    13. AshlynxxRose

      14:34 i am learning math

    14. MissyCel

      6:28 LMAO

    15. Rae Boi

      Skeppy build blocks diamond ,wood,bedrock,head,diamond ore, gold blocks Blocks can be found in Found in nether wood (same) bedrock ,heads (wither) ,good blocks Definitely a over world theme completely

    16. Smiles

      Late but 24

    17. Mohamet Seck

      It wasnt 24 it was 6 you baffuns

    18. MarzTravelVlog

      im looking at the math question My head: its 24

    19. Daphnie Weeks

      skippy Skippy Skippy in one of your videos I heard your name is Zack ha ha

    20. Karen Monczynski

      The well-groomed learning ultrascructurally bless because carriage uniquely muddle except a quarrelsome carol. second-hand, cold base

    21. HaloHorn Gaming

      All I can see is that skeppy used crimson wood in his OVERWORLD ESCAPE ROOM, and he didn't fix it even AFTER he checked for mistakes. Other than that great video

    22. Galaxy Shadow

      The answer to the math problem is 6 becuase first you do the subtraction inside the parentheses then multiply 5 x 2 then divide 60/10

    23. Difficulty Zero

      skeppy using dirt and dimond blocks for his world... 5 year old?

    24. pikachu


    25. Ranboo

      Skelpy for once u made another best video i like the bbh part

    26. Poonam Mishra

      14:43 it's 14 Edit time

    27. ItzRealRy

      Didn't expect that. 6:28

    28. Maya Bianchi

      Do you like poo

    29. mochi chu

      The math problem awnser is 24 ✌

    30. giannhs roumeliwths

      she not he :)

    31. Roland Slagter

      skeppy: the good answer is 24 Me: oke I am gone do the math with the rules. Comes out with 6. Bro you wrong Skeppy: I IGNORE RULES!!!!

    32. Natalee

      dude im so confused by the math problem. whats so confusing about it is that pemdas states parenthesis exponents mutiply/divid subtract/addition so when doing 60/5(7-5) you do p first. 60/5(2) The question there is "do i continue the parenthesis and do 5(2)=10 or do you do 60/5 how i was taught it was 5(2) because theres still parenthesis which would make it 6 in the end but it also says to do multiply/divide from left to right in which its 60/5 first then 12(2) it really depends on how u were taught it

    33. Indu binu

      u made this vid on my bday :)

    34. P0tat0 Empress

      Crimson planks are nether block though...

    35. vick kissoon

      skeppy said he will make a over world Escape Room room speppy places a wood from the nether

      1. vick kissoon

        dang i cant spell

    36. Last Dragon Wroqe

      Math question answer is 6 (I'm at 4:46 rn) It's easy bcs I like maths.

    37. junior gaming

      its 24

    38. nalaka rangana

      think a little bit more next time

    39. obvry

      Why is no one talking about how the Math problem is wrong😭😭😭 Multiply then do everything!!!

    40. Pravardhan Dega


    41. Baby Dude Explores


    42. CoolAsDuck14

      Where bbh tries it video?

    43. •_gummy-worm_•

      I liked but I will dye my hair again blue if my dad lets me 🙂

    44. paige

      Why have I not seen this video

    45. LeryTheAxolotl

      Skeppy WHY?!!!!

    46. ezzi

      puffy:is this some wholesome thing!? skeppy: no I would never! also skeppy: writes BBH as the best

    47. En3rgy LEGION

      yout math question is wrong i think

    48. SeaToon

      Just would like to say, I know this video is old, but in the problem 60/5(7-5) you do the (7-5) first because it’s in the parentheses, which you do first, 5X7, then 5X-5, then subtract those, then 60/(your answer, which is 10)

      1. paige

        @SeaToon oh ok

      2. SeaToon

        @paige yes

      3. paige

        You do parentheses first so the answer is 6

    49. Suzie Donut

      Are we not gonna talk about the fact that h TV e actual answer is 6. 60/5(7-5) 60/5(5) 60/10 6

    50. W Green

      I love watching your vids

    51. TDF_ WorldKeY

      I absolutely love puffy had me smiling the whole time this is such a fun video Sidenote how did he get 24?

    52. Pęâņûț

      skeppy is right though. most of the blocks he used are made out of overworld things

    53. minerliton

      6:29 just puffy dissing every mc youtuber out there

    54. Brownie dog


    55. Oskar Baumann

      Skeppy the math genius

    56. Ashfreyka _HYDRO

      Omg skeppy that wood is from the nether ahhhhh

    57. Lorena Adonay

      Can i dye you Black?

    58. Maxwell Muck

      The real answer is 14

    59. The Vortex

      Man the math question, was it following bidmas? If so it should have been 6 if not, or the parenthesis were after the numbers, then 24 makes sense

    60. Alphafox

      Skeppy brain 🥜?

    61. Alphafox


    62. Hallowenbo

      Skeppy using Nether wood: These are all overwordly blocks right? yeah that are all overwordly Me: CRISMON WOOD CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN THE NETHER

    63. Aennai


    64. TubesPax

      the answer is 14?

    65. TomTheBomb06

      The math section pained me. That hurt to see that 24 was the supposed correct answer

    66. Creeper fidget Unboxing

      No Water in the OverWorld

    67. •Rachel•

      Its PEMDAS

    68. ashir Asim

      When you made a challenge and you forgot about the challenge Skeppy : smashing keyboard

    69. Mark Lunardi

      Isn't the awnser 6? Lol

    70. itz gacha monsters

      The thing is when I try to subscribe to you in my TV and iam not sighing in "they tell me you have to sigh in to subscribe"and iam busy😃😒

    71. SansyPants

      0:39 Wait! She has an autotuned voice?

    72. LarryArlyn Valdez

      Can captainpuffy be in more vids pls

    73. Night guard-


    74. five_34

      1:47 *LOL*

    75. Eliasi Abdul

      The exotic text molecularly trace because knickers intraoperatively rob like a relieved monday. wrong, incandescent panther

    76. •F Ø X Ÿ•

      Skeppy: *over world blocks*

    77. clemmie ୧・

      the math problem was actually six, because multiply comes before divide

    78. midnight antelopes

      12:30 uwu

    79. Slyngemor

      Do you have a gf

    80. YouCanCallMeBear

      The math really is simple ahahahahah and I did that in 3rd grade

    81. sunset cryptid

      I like to think that this is canon to the SMP. Skeppy just casually un-possessed himself, grabbed Puffy by the scruff of her neck and put her in a desert.

    82. MrMooGaming

      I like how skeppy said these are all overworld blocks but he used nether wood.

    83. David Booth

      puffy noooooooo skeppy hahahahahah

    84. Vincent Trinh


    85. Agent Aviary

      me: excited abt getting 10 views skeppy: *casualy gets like 1m views*

    86. Jessica Figueroa

      We hate rat

      1. Jessica Figueroa


    87. LaylaPlayz ....

      Skeppy wouldn’t the answer be 14 not 24?

      1. LaylaPlayz ....

        And btw the problem is 60/5(7-5

      2. LaylaPlayz ....

        Idk how this is posible if I’m wrong plz let me know

    88. Ruslan Haque

      how was it 24?

    89. Mr. Eskamo3


    90. lily_of_the_moon

      Skeppy: There's prizes?!?! Puffy: Yes. Me: Hi, yes, these are my streamers.

    91. ray_kinako

      'MOM GET THE CAMERA' I cant like-

    92. Ella Ruppert

      Gems or Pendas is what the math problem is

    93. cookie da bee

      Let's wach all skeppy vids all over again waiting for him to streem or upload a vidio

    94. Bubble Tea

      6:26 😂

    95. Nate_11

      I did the math in 3 seconds lol

    96. Crazy Boba

      * the first thing skeppy dose * * builds with nether wood *

    97. FrostyBloxy

      Since there is no space from the 5 to the ( that means that the item inside will become the exponent, and you do exponents first. 60/5(7-5) 60/5 2 60/25 2.4 The answer is 2.4 Edit: after doing a little research, the answer could be 24 or 6, depending on whether you multiply or divide first, let me explain, 5x2 = 10 60 / 10 = 6 60/5 = 12 12 x 2 = 24 so my previous claim was incorrect, for it wasn't an exponent, just multiplecation.

      1. FrostyBloxy

        @Ala Elshaikh I fixed it.

      2. Ala Elshaikh

        Ok but look on calculator it says 24

    98. xx_little.b1rdy_xx

      Me l getting 14 as the answer for the problem me also having an A on like all my math assignments

    99. Amplified Rat

      the answer for the maths question, 7-5 is in parenthesis so it’s first (2) and Then do 60/5 which is 12 then finally 12*2 which makes 24. So skippy was right But for the people who think it’s 5(7-5) then divide it all by 60, that’s just dumb, it’s division first

    100. DSMP is my FAV UvU

      HAHA i wont die tomorow couse i liked yaaay