I Troll Quackity with A Confusing Minecraft Mod...


1,2 mil. pregleda926

    Skeppy makes Quackity change his perspective. This was perfection.

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    Today I took Quackity on a tour of my 'completely normal Minecraft House.' Quackity gets confused and I have to help him (as usual), I show off my bedroom, mirror room and my farm and I think he got scared and even more confused? Quackity, I'm so sorry about this again.

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is me pushing Bad to the edge of insanity.

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    1. Orignal monke


    2. Nightmare

      Stop putting those faces

    3. •𝙹𝚎𝚢𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎•

      we stan the photos that skeppy put

    4. Eelwithheels

      This isn't trolling Quackity day you just suck at parkour

    5. ZzZzLiW

      what was the thumbnail tho...

    6. criya10

      Fun fact about skeepy hes friends with badboyhalo!

    7. Cecilia

      Family Freidnly quackity scares me

    8. Sky Boy

      Are you Muslim skeppy?

    9. Isabela Vital

      hi i'm from brazil and i love your videos:>

    10. Nightmare

      Now I am going to have nightmares after seeing that face

    11. A.T Plays

      I swear to god quackity would do threw in a least 7 swears

    12. jeremy gaspar

      Do bbh

    13. Char Coo

      WHAT THE

    14. Crispychips19.


    15. Chrissz Peterz

      skeppy techno is better

    16. Keaneth Paler

      Skeppy your face in scaring me!! 😱

    17. WaterRunner74

      whats the song at the start of the vid? i like that intro song, same with the vid, keep up the good work and content skeppy! hopefully you hit 6 million subs by the end of the year!

    18. toyproductions09

      Only true skeppy fans will remember when he did this to badboyhalo l l \/

    19. Angus Beef

      I swear skeppy does NOT understand the meaning of TROLL

    20. Uzumaki Calzado

      Everyone Quiet....HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH SORRY OH MY GOD HAHAHA😂😂 check this out: 5:49 look at skeppy, Put in 0.25 speed

    21. SleepDeprivedMizuki


    22. CriplingRage

      5:52 My sleep paralysis demon

    23. Muhaimn Ali


    24. h3ll_bun1

      5:03 the lag tho I CANT LOL

    25. zulhelmie@

      What is this i don't llike your face SKEPPY

    26. Estrella Enriquez

      Skeppy “im not mad im disappointed ”

    27. SᴜɴɴʏVɪʙᴇs

      Quackity: *troll* Skeppy: *ima bout to Inish this man's whole career*

    28. Sanad Kamal

      The next mr beast

    29. misu !

      I swear Quackity looks like a girl with short hair 💀

    30. Biscuit Krueger

      Wholesome quackity isn’t real, he can’t hurt you Wholesome quackity:

    31. nine no

      هذا منزل غريب 😐

    32. Ledogamer 999

      skeppy learned from spifey

    33. Hayden Vellio

      when Quack says ur such a loser skepps face has the thumbs up

    34. Zeshaan gaming

      0:07 editor was lazy and forgot about face cam blure

    35. Nicole Banana

      You make good content UnU


      I swear “7:47 or sum is it like a mirror but like you think you made it or I’m I just dumb;-;


        Me: At 8:15 I- OMG I’M SO SMART YESSS U-U

    37. Shinysheeps

      “Skeppy follows the law” also skeppy killing 100 children every challenge video

    38. Quacker Cracker

      this guy is litteraly abusing his friends for views and ruining his server while we laugh and support it thats fine.

    39. AidenPlayz

      Read the description

    40. Scout

      XD image of a person

    41. Golden Guy

      your playing my favourite music (stranger things theme)

    42. Francis Esmeraldo Cayanong


    43. little_lala_la

      Can someone tell me what the name of the mod is and how I can install it and is there a tutorial on yt how to use it?

    44. Dog

      Quality facecam.

    45. TheMaxShow76

      I like it when he doest have a facecam

    46. سُجود نُور الدين مازن الشوا.

      Okai thie is soooooooooo good omg

    47. Željko Vuković

      I want old skeepy back :(

    48. Monkey on a car

      I'ma new sub because like I love this...💯


      Mega is disgusting

    50. solanki minal

      We the photos are really funny ngl

    51. Right on time

      ngl a 16 year old child named tommyinnit beat skeppy in subs

    52. H


    53. Rofi A Player


    54. Loki 🟢


    55. iq_1

      skeppy is gone again😭

    56. Jonte Williams

      U must not unlike him

    57. Mr.BrianYT

      skeppy, your my dad :)

    58. It'sJstKapi

      Hello :)

    59. 4rarsr Twitch


    60. Lyn Dawson

      Skeppy can you try fortnite please

    61. Flapple Duck

      Wait. That meme music where you have the confusion space type thingy. Whats the name of that. Does anyone know? I don't know the name of it. Let me know and i'll give you a cookie. :0

    62. Kris Mihaylov

      Skeppy is gonna become the 2nd mrbeast.

    63. Endergames6446

      I dare you to 2v1 technoblade. Badboyhalo and Skeppy vs Technoblade

    64. Aidan Hoose

      want some advice ask doni his whole channel is trolling

    65. Maryam M

      WE NEED 60000 MORE SUBS

    66. hi

      Can you get badboyhalo to sing no wind resistince

    67. Natalia Jeeves

      Anyone else in love with skeppy? Or just me cuz I’d marry him rn

    68. Crazy Gaming

      In Minecraft

    69. Crazy Gaming

      Hey Please Make Piggy All Chapters Of The 2 Books Fall And The Win Get 1,000


        bro wtf this is Minecraft not Roblox

    70. Tim Time

      Love the stranger things music in the background lol

    71. John gabriel Bustillo

      Can you do the 100 kids challenges again? I missed it

    72. Kit Kat

      old skeppy and quackity we're better

    73. Jake 0612 Gaming


    74. Avalon lolz

      “I haven’t ate all day” is he okay? :(((

    75. Elaine Ampil

      Skeppy face cam makes myself a living nightmare

    76. Gacha Po̥ͦtato̥ͦ

      What’s the name of the mod?

    77. utku uzunkök

      Skeppy you are unbanned in munchymc and you have mod you can troll

    78. Hungry Shark2490

      I subbed :))

    79. Juliadavid Rosario

      that skeppy photo is disturbing

    80. ʎʞɔnᗡʅᴉʌƎ

      new sub

    81. duck kid

      Skeppy is the cutest little muffin

    82. santiago pino badinella

      what is the intro song name

    83. ImashrekU

      Rip megapvp

    84. QuackeQuacke

      0:51 Why would you do that ;[

    85. Mystic

      Fire vid lmao. Even tho im late by a week

    86. Stephen - Brawl Stars

      Can’t wait for skeppy to not upload for another 8 months again here we go!

    87. ŌkamiA

      Skeppy when are you going to do more events it would be fun to compete

    88. cxnsult

      Do it with tommy so he dosent swear in a video😂

    89. 𝙺𝚞𝚛𝚘~𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗♡︎

      I watch the intro. I say "skeppy is the nicest guy in the world"

    90. Rethcir Kcirtap


    91. Erin Werner Knipple


    92. Erin Werner Knipple


    93. bert

      i miss the old skeppy Pls make a part 2 about " 12minutes of old skeppy".

    94. Utkarsh Pareek class 5

      Everyone: :) Me: where is 1000$ vid I love were you give 1000$ and trap 100 kid lol but still keep ET up you are doing good lamo :) BTW are you broke lamo =)

    95. aaAA

      So I trapped 100 kids inside of 100 kids..

    96. Sheyla Hernandez

      Don’t mind me just watching skeppy while being quarantined for 10 days

    97. Sweaty Bruiser

      Do u have a brother called cian

    98. Beat Enstein

      Where's your confirmed tick ha

    99. Chiyo San

      Skeppy bads really upset do you even care? (Just wondering)

    100. Rhean lanz

      Hisssss haiiiirrrrrr bee loooooong