I Paid $1,000 On FIVERR For A Minecraft SPEEDRUNNER...


1,7 mil. pregleda1 800

    A Professional Speedrunner Teaches Skeppy How to Beat Minecraft

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    Today I hired a Fiverr Minecraft 1.16.4 Professional (or two I suppose) to train me at Speedrunning! I wanna get good at competing and build my skills :D Apparently my coach has like, the Guinness Book of World Records or something for Minecraft playing so I was pretty excited. I learned so much, guys, I honestly feel like I'm going to make Technoblade and Dream proud with this one. To be honest, I ended up having to carry my coach a little bit (he basically tried to give me a tour of Minecraft???) but things got pretty interesting once the second coach showed up LMAO. This kind of ended up becoming a competition between my coaches to The End so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and I'll do this again hahaha

    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me hosting a speedrun between my Minecraft Coaches LMAO

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    1. RootyPooky

      Skeppy vids made my day

    2. BEANZ

      8bit is actully ok at speedruning minecraft and stuffff

    3. mfbjo

      "ok Napoleon, so the first thing we need to make sure of is that, when we invade Russia, it's not in the wi.." ZestyBootyTaco "S H U T U P M A N"

    4. Nesorm

      .... he learned nothing

    5. Bhargav D S 8C

      Dude this video made me laugh so much this is the funniest videos I had ever seen

    6. Jason2010

      Skeppy could you do more videos like this?

    7. Knuckles The ecinda

      That Deadpool guy is just mad that 8 bit tuna is better teacher

    8. Finhas Akale

      Actually every time he does anything me laughing so hard

    9. PogP1pe

      Imma hop onto fiverr to pay zestybootytaco so he can turn me into a professional Minecraft!

    10. Kanishk Shivkumar

      No u

    11. Dqrkw

      professional mincraf VS. PROFFESINAL ACTUAL SPEEDRUNNER

    12. L Dubs19XX

      Hilarious that people are so desperate. At least get good at a game before pretending to be a teacher!

    13. Mohammad Alawieh

      Im crying of laughter 8 bit was helpful but the booty profesional minecraft made me laugh

    14. Shadowz

      4:32 is the funniest part

    15. LunaTheGreat

      At this point he might turn into mr.beast

    16. JayrGamingPH

      Imagine if both of them commented in this vid thay would be hilarious

    17. Channing Rice

      8bittuna was actually good

    18. HC Playz

      only ogs will remember the old thumbnail

    19. Hellobuddyface

      not skeppy but speedrunner boi

    20. ivanov Andrei

      8BitTuna is a real teacher not like that scamer

    21. Аленар

      Even I didn’t understand i can mine gold while searching for the fortress XD

    22. God StonerYT

      1000 💵 dollars

    23. Ender Dragon

      Skeepys monye wasnt a greate idea to spend on that speed runnerbut it was worth it for the funyy thing

    24. sanjay karthic

      PREFFSIONAL MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. ed 00078

      2:19 his laugh is just amazing xD

    26. Jenej Ndnsj

      I'm dieing of laughfter lol

    27. kannotlogin

      Whats the name of the song in 1:34 ?

    28. Creeper

      “bruh the nether is the most important part of the speedrun” 2 mins later “ok so the end is the most important part of the speedrun”

    29. Johann Grant

      6:49 im dead

    30. jinan bhuiyan

      The other guy was amazing not that loser zestybooty taco . 8bittuna is the best he such a pro he a amazing he knows he can turn me to a pro 0

    31. TCE B

      omg why tf you give the kid 500 dollars

      1. TheBadUser

        Oh crap there is a tornado and im locked outside cuz i forgot the keys

      2. TheBadUser

        y e s

    32. Pamela Velez

      I gen want to see if tuna has a twitch. he's mist likely to get the world record than that other dude

    33. ron p


      1. ron p

        Did I break it d_d

    34. Malo Eav

      At 6:58 the portal is broken

    35. Blue_phoenix561

      I would like to watch you and 8BitTuna have a real speed run with him teaching you

    36. sherly mintiono

      I think that 8BitTuna is better

    37. Ethan winters

      Pretrolling the new Vegas wasteland makes you think skeppy should SPEED run fallout new vegas

    38. Mr. lol cat

      8BitTuna: *is actually good at the game and is a very experienced speedrunner ZestyBootyTaco: Oh MYH GAush! Aaa ZzzzoKMiBIE VillAGer!!1

    39. MicBoom

      8ButTuna was legit but the other guy id like to see him handle himself with 3 Zombies

    40. parrot blue

      I could not stop laughing from when 8bittuna joined lol

    41. Skeppy : Give Me A hundred thousand likes. Wish Granted.

    42. ColeXtreme9


    43. Elliana Richard

      WTH. darkhellboi used to go to my school LMAO

    44. gkoonie

      1:35 I know that song.I just want the name.

    45. Hari Parashar

      hahahhaha bruuh

    46. Bio_League

      The guy who came after wards was better the first one was just dumb

    47. Jaden_is_dumb


    48. Boxy

      Fun fact : I speedran on bedrock edition and i know , i hate bedrock too , but i got a sub 45 With no structures except for the fortress and end and bastion and stronghold , and i didnt mine for iron , Well , What i did was i stayed up two nights ina row , killing zombies , why? Because on bedrock and maybe java , zombies have a chance of dropping iron , and i got 30 iron and 20+ gold from killing drowned and found a lava pool and went to the nether . i traded and got ender pearls , i found a bastion , didnt really matter , And i got a fortress and i got blaze rods , i was like 30 mins in , and then i located the stronghold and i went in the end and used snowballs to take out the crystals (since im on bedrock) And i killed the ender dragon with beds cuz i turned the string i got from da piglins into wool and the wool into beds. It was 44.55.49 or 44.56.1

    49. Mark Lester Marigondon

      What is that name "ZestyBootyTaco" 😅😅😅😅

    50. Bbne3

      100k likes lol

    51. Mothwing

      8BitTuna: actually giving good advice Zesty: dies in creative mode

    52. Joe Khoo

      The red colour skin is so dumb and stupid

    53. Ultralord Fun


    54. Holly Wojtysiak

      quality entertainment

    55. David Miladinovic

      ZestyBootyTaco is speedrun he is broke dirt for 0.000000005 seconds omg🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶

    56. Wapples

      ngl the 8bittuna was actually a good teacher

    57. outfoxed

      omg forever ago i bought tunas speedrun help im so happy he made it on a skeppy video

    58. Axolotl


    59. Nancy Leroy

      OK you can tell the second person that joined what is the real person you hired the first one was a noob he probably hasn’t even beat the dragon in survival

    60. WillowTheWisp


    61. Mc_Aficionado

      the tuna dude was big brain

    62. -【LameVicky】-

      this is amazing XDDD

    63. Lokesh Roll

      Skeppy next video: I turned into an professional minecraft

    64. usman bruh

      He had the deadpool skin

    65. Apexure

      the first guy do he looking fine

    66. j1tter

      8bit tuna is actually gud tho

    67. Crazy Nindroid Gamer

      Lol when skeppy pulls the Lisa gaming music you know it's serious lol

    68. Greed GT

      Tuna : Okay Skeppy So In This Situation You Would Have To- Zesty : SHUT UP MAN NO ONE CARES

    69. Angela Castillo

      Bruh, get Tuna a raise XD man actually trying to help but instead gets yelled at by Taco

    70. me

      u wont see this comment i knew it

    71. Pepo

      POV: Thumbnail changed and you watched it again

    72. Sharif Ulla

      There is two people in this video 1 is a good actual speedruner and the other is a little kid with 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 prcent brain cell and is a noob and gets angry when the actual guide is trying to help

    73. vill ain


    74. Miriam Martinez


    75. Bubbaotter

      Why did you change your thumbnail

    76. Ytfleopater GR8

      I think tuna deserves a $700 d

    77. Shanaya Tatikonda

      can't stop laughing

    78. TwoRandomWords

      7:22 just no

    79. TwoRandomWords

      0:09 I laughed so hard

    80. GDkappit


    81. It’s Vinci

      I don’t think the first kid had a PayPal mannn

    82. Choco Mintzz

      uhhh :/

    83. Immortal Venom

      I can teach you better

      1. Bubbaotter

        @Immortal Venom Yeah I clearly hadn't realized it was a joke

      2. Immortal Venom

        Don't worry its just a joke

    84. Yoram Elias

      There's a good teacher and garbage teacher (we know which is good and which sucks)

    85. Abdullwahab Yasini

      My man skeppy, tnx bro you made me laugh so much, keep up bro

    86. روظ

      Omg! Now I know how to make obsihidan from Lava and Water mix :D

    87. روظ

      Great! Now I can become a professional Minecraft.

    88. Red Target

      Tuna: although the desert temple is temping, make sure you get wood before entering, since trees don’t spawn in the desert. Taco: nw cretve modeE so beet the4 gamm sibmpl ye

    89. ETH1CAL

      Gibme ginis wurld recerd

    90. FESHii_PLAYZ

      talk VERY close to the mike its funny

    91. jif penut

      In my opinion, Zesty shouldn't have gotten the $500 but eh who cares

    92. Bhrizon Araza

      skeppy im a better minecraft player my brother ivankim is a perfect minecraft player and i know how to minecraft

    93. DatBird

      8bittuna:ok so, while you looking for a fortress you need to mine gold Zestybootytaco:REEEEEEEEE

    94. Sub To Itz Crypton

      I think that second guy is an actual professional

    95. Michael Sigawan

      I laughed so hard

    96. gonsmood

      Honestly I want them to so a bedwars 1v1 and like I kinda want the good dude to kick the other guys ass


      I AM DYING

    98. ・💚♡☆ edd da green leader ☆ ♡💚 ・


    99. oxytagen

      What the other is better

    100. Flour

      wtf did I jsut watch