I Troll BadBoyHalo with Technoblade


2,6 mil. pregleda2 100

    Skeppy & Technoblade Troll BadBoyHalo... This was so big brain

    Today I got BadBoyHalo to trade Minecraft accounts with me!!! No, seriously. In this HILARIOUS Build Battle Competition the muffin man thinks I'm gonna troll Technoblade with him, but things are just so much more complicated than that hehe. Technoblade and I will actually be working together against Bad for the ultimate inception troll of a lifetime hahaha. If you want to see Bad build the most basic structures while Technoblade calls him dog water, then you've come to the right video HAHAHA. To un-soil his reputation as a builder make sure to subscribe to @BadBoyHalo and give this video a like :D

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    Also @Technoblade has the ravioli

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's me and Techno doing a one million IQ troll on BadBoyHalo

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    1. Skeppy

      hi I missed you guys

      1. Jieal lie

        Yas the murch

      2. some potato

        I missed u too

      3. Lilie Tritton


      4. MysticalFi

        Skeppy OMG😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

      5. Miguel Lacsa

    2. Xóchitl Barraza


    3. Twinkle_Toes

      But I am subed

    4. Moon_LightXx

      When skeppy says I will take 5 secs of ur time Me counting* Me THAT'S NOT 5 SECONDS

    5. redheadsteve

      Now we now why techno was unusual and silent in this video.

    6. Nathan Cepeda

      I miss you too skeppy

    7. Zhia Hudson

      I love ur Minecraft character it cute and I like how u troll BBh mostly all the time

    8. M M

      Make a HEH chain

    9. Exist

      This so funny lmao

    10. Dominic McLain

      Why why we always one of my favorite foods

    11. That one anime nerd

      Love this hehe could you make more trolling videos

    12. Me Myself

      I’m subbed

    13. Iamthebecuaseyes


    14. Mariah Sari Babin

      skeppy:oh btw techno allready bbh:You told him? skeppy:yea bbh: so who's getting trolled? skeppy:you bbh:WHY WERE WE DO THIS

    15. ItsYourBoyQcixz

      i like ya cut g was to funny

    16. Chill

      The floor is made of S P O N G E 8:00

    17. Ungkuzalina Ungkuahmad


    18. Thelittledevil YT

      7:33 Lol that was too funny-

    19. V -vek

      Technochild chilling in minecart....🤣❤

    20. tommyinnit simp

      5:32 Bbh and skeppy : *fight* Technoblade : *jump* -in the Cadillac-

    21. Lasker Shuvo

      are youfoom banladesh

    22. RedD Set Go!

      8:53 WHY WOULD WE DO THA-

    23. NikBananaMan

      It’s really hard to decide because they switch accounts

    24. Daenor

      “Do you take constructive criticism?- this is dogwater” -technoblade

    25. Chimkenn_ Nugguu

      This video is supposed to troll badboyhalo but its trolling my brain instead 😵‍💫

    26. Epic! Amazing! Egemen


    27. Lewis Ba


    28. ItsJingerJEDI 1


    29. D Yaakk

      I'm feeling dizzy while watching this video...😵😵😵

    30. Dylan Hernandez-Nicholas

      rip pig

    31. Dream SMP

      Now I’m confused

    32. Cooper Campbell

      Can I please be in the video please


      it was soooo funny

    34. Tiphaine Jullien

      This really hurts my head trying to figure out who is who.

    35. Vincentius Ferrer Galen Gilbert

      give back my 5 sec of my life

    36. *Jam-Jam-da-snowman*

      Skeppy can’t play a regular game with out trolling badboyhalo

    37. into Halves

      0:09 It makes sense why skep dms everyone like that

    38. Quacker Cracker

      this guy is litteraly abusing his friends for views and ruining his server while we laugh and support it thats fine.

    39. Lillian Chua

      This is confusing

    40. Sara Bastid


    41. Jellyfish Gloss

      I’m kinda in love with skeppys laugh

    42. Jieal lie

      Says you

    43. Pillagerslay3r 64

      3:51 *speed-run music*

    44. Nero Lajo


    45. Jospeh :)

      im losing braincells lmao

    46. Xelias X

      I like how techno just sitting in the minecart while skep and bbh arguing🤣

    47. Stan_dsmp

      Oh I’m really late huh-

    48. Cookie Monster

      okay this is awsome

    49. kAy F c iS yUm


    50. xXKylie_AftonXx

      Idk how but I red “trolling skeppy with badboyhalo” 0-0

    51. DiplexDisc9924

      What happened to BadBoyHalo's skin!?!?

    52. Nath9K

      Get well soon techno 💜💜💜

    53. chema raj


    54. chema raj


    55. chema raj


    56. SnuttisJolteon JolteonSnuttis

      No he whoud bild a muffin house.

    57. Horan Choi

      Oh no baby techno is died ;'(

      1. CyX

        He hasn't died.

      2. First name last name

        Technoblade isn't dead

    58. Adam Foolio


    59. Adam Foolio

      5:30 LOLOL

    60. Corrina

      I don’t even know what one is which😂

    61. Steven Htoo

      I love this trio XD

    62. ringy boii

      Skeppy and badboyhalo are America and russia



    64. Luciano Roberti

      the thing is this video shows how good badboyhalo is

    65. brokeman

      techno cancer:c

      1. Eztly Fortnite


      2. Not Jello


    66. Electric pie

      I laughed so hard

    67. Electric pie

      Just a month ago you were just about to pass 4mil now your passing 5

    68. Sammy

      At the end I love ho2 it cuts off when he said "THEN WHO IS GETTING TROLLED" SKEPPYYYY: *laughs* you- Bbh: WHY WOULD YO-

    69. Dhairya Tuteja


    70. alen saji

      Techno support

    71. Awning Gaming

      This is confusing me

    72. theroyalkermit

      techno support ❤️👑

    73. PizzaLovingNerd - Linux That's Interesting

      I really hope Technoblade gets better soon

    74. Paryeee SAN-día

      comming here after the news

    75. ItzDarkness_Gacha

      *this is another LEVEL of trolling XD*

    76. NLE Kopter

      Techno describing the house and commentating overall is just pure gold 🤣🤣🤣

    77. Penguin Studios

      Techno the house critic

    78. Nitro

      Imagine if technoblade and bbh actually trolled skeppy

    79. I’m done with yt


    80. Diane Anika tundag

      I'm really confused right now..😩

    81. Ian San Diego

      Hi skeppy your almost at 6Million

    82. Everything under the sun that’s 18plus or under

      Sass boy halo really said TecHnO YOu doNt GeT iT

    83. candy gamer

      I ea Was confuse

    84. D3AD


    85. Suplan

      i came to rewatch for the techno dogwater

    86. Flamsey

      the perfectly cut scream at the end.

    87. Happysad girlyt

      Skeppy is the king of trolls

    88. Avrioha Liu

      This is too much of trolling. Bro BadboyHalo is expecting you to be nice. Bruh

    89. Makaylah Ovalle


    90. Apple fluffy

      Man he really do be a double agent

    91. FAVXX

      Yes Good ok

    92. October Sky


    93. Kalkal monster plays


    94. Emmanuel David

      i can see the techno spam to convince technoblade

    95. MrAngryKitty

      anyone else remember when he first met badboyhalo

    96. ꧁~Mikea Nikea Kitty~꧁

      :)))))))) I did the smiley face

    97. Melon Mouse

      Skeppy and BBH: “trolling” techno My last brain cell: * jumps off cliff *

    98. John stefan

      o put up with skeppys trolls

    99. Lulu Belle

      hey im a subscriber but i think im a lil late

    100. Muffinette

      Techno: ItS fIlLeD wItH sApLiNgS! Me: *thinks he was gonna say SapNaps