I Troll BadBoyHalo in Bedwars...


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    a very hardcore game of bedwars skeppy vs badboyhalo

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    1. Kung Fu Panda Official

      man you have made with this same idea at least 4 times

    2. Food Connoisseur 🇮🇪

      Skeppy don’t worry your hair looks great

    3. MilkNSenpai


    4. leo silins

      Skeppys real name is Zak ahmed

    5. The sun Gameplay


    6. AC16

      Collab bc im am cool

    7. Nafiza Patterson

      Skeppy I’m short don’t hide anything from me, OR ELSE

    8. Anuhya G


    9. Pug Master

      That shorty lmao

    10. joanna cabazares

      you look like moose

    11. ThatguyMas

      Who else just watched a skeppy video and just can’t stop, I’ve been watching for around 8 months

    12. Alanza Bijoy

      3:34 iykyk :)

    13. DoodOfTheDurants

      I like Skeppy content, just wish he did more trolls tho.

    14. DoodOfTheDurants

      LOL, Skeppy is the most PogChamp LOL.

    15. Camden Bowes

      Well I think Skippy and jelly are twins of height now

    16. Galaxy Wolf

      i liked before the video started >:3

    17. Luka Milenkovic


    18. Mikey Marciniuk 2021

      Ah, its good to be back with the good ol' skeppy channel

    19. Lavina Saumani

      7:13 is the clip that boys at my school does to impress people to look good... 😄

    20. WazzaPlayz

      Play cake wars instead it way better

    21. erin grover

      Thx soo much skeppy for making me happy when im sad ceep it up and i love when badboylalo get mad

    22. VaporeonGirl1

      5:25 Another reason i want to go to vidcon now

    23. sonocobelgamer yeet

      your troll is so funny 🤣🤣

    24. Vedant Deshmukh

      1.1 he said him Tommy

    25. Saiful Bahri Japri

      skeppy i subscribe to your videoooooooooooooooo

    26. IshotZ Dinoz

      It would've been funnier if you said he has to give you owner for a week

    27. Aaron Alvarez

      Done ✔ 8 need 1000 dollars 💵 i don't have much food pls 😭

    28. Cedrick Tessier

      You ar sourt skeppy

    29. GingerCat AJ

      7:07 i don't know why but this is great.

    30. Ender GAME

      I love how the vid just cuts out lmao

    31. DreamWasTaken


    32. YesThisIsGreedy

      nice face

    33. Ele Tre

      I swear I was just looking up his height then I saw :skippy lands his self a date (the 42 year old Virgin)

    34. Killua


    35. QUEEN ♡

      Idk why but I love skeppy :> 💖

    36. Quacker Cracker

      this guy is litteraly abusing his friends for views and ruining his server while we laugh and support it thats fine.

    37. Emerald narwhal

      Thank you for making my day better skeppy. This made my day :3

    38. Tylisha Wells


    39. Donna VanTunen

      Nine months ago

    40. Julia B

      at 3:30 i know all dnf shippers were going crazy

    41. Nikhil

      Sus moment right here - 2:26

    42. gamor

      Skeppy I wanna be as big as you one day

    43. Pes_Alv

      this is funny hahahahahahaha the way skeppy kill bbh is nice

    44. The Blue Doodler

      Skeppy = Speculatpotato?

    45. TheUltimateKid

      2:27 o-o

    46. melody

      when bbh went like "aaaaaaagh" and skeppy was like "aaaee"

    47. Susan Chan Olsen

      Dog water

    48. Nathan Pagal 3

      Haahaaaaaahaaaaaaha skeepy gooddddddd skeepy sssssssoooo funny

    49. Dhairya Tuteja


    50. Bad Time Sans Gaster

      And I am older

    51. Amy Weber

      We don’t watch your videos for what you say we just wanna see your content. Jk, love your videos skeps :) 😂😂😍😍

    52. Khamya Allshouse

      s k e p p y

    53. ShadeXGrey

      Okay but skoppy's editing is literally amazing it makes it 10x funnier

    54. Scientific Videos

      Ah yes badboyhalo still having to deal with skeppys miscelanious jokes and schemes

    55. I love the facecam vids

    56. Lawrence Zhu

      I remember when BBH called the knock back stick a “grandpa stick”

    57. Izzy Brook


    58. Ashton Snigdho Mistri

      Me realising I am better at chess than them : *I have really surpassed the gods*

    59. matteo benedict

      badboyhalo is smart

    60. Carlos abenir

      badboyhalo is a Flipin sorty

    61. Carlos abenir

      yes i will!!

    62. Eri

      You know it's good when you see Skeppy's face.

    63. priya sonnylal

      Who thinks that Skeppy is CUTE!!!!!!!!!

    64. Dogedog128

      2:28 skeppy Susy boi

    65. •Izuku midoriya•

      Skeppy get there’s a thing called shoe souls that increase your height by 6 inches

    66. Doge 3000


    67. Hyrum Murner

      hey badboyhalo im rlly short and very insecure about it so if you make fun of someone short then I want to cry

    68. Chris TheAlienHead


    69. Md. Mizanur Rahman Fahim

      R U MUSLIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Hwrley

      Truth or avocados the sun stays in the same butterfly’s as the potato

    71. Max Barbara

      normal youtubers like and subscribe Me: whatever Skeppy: lik and subscrib Me: SURE

    72. Marius Stan


    73. Stephen Barachiel Garcia

      OHHHH SKEPPY whos in the sunflower smp Skeppy.......

    74. itzyaboitarik22

      Btw skeppy I learned on HRaero ur culture is arabic. If it is so is mine

    75. Sub Plzz

      Me what is short🤔

    76. Neon Wilson

      skeppy using facecam thats insane

    77. jaehyun han


    78. Chavela J

      Yaaaaay they're doing bedwars again

    79. Dhruvxx

      Am here cause my one n only discord buddy said tht i looks like you.

    80. Mjow Playz

      I have done my research and skeppy is just about taller than bbh

    81. Faze_Rug_Team


    82. Wolfie Mooshroom

      your short and bbh is bald

    83. Kenhdnsodbrjdbxiwbdidbdjdbskdbdidndjd

      Idk if any of u feel the same but it feels a bit hard on bbh bc he’s made fun of in every vid and they never post on his channel. BBH is just trying to run a respectful tournament then skeppy kinda ruins ngl Just saying

    84. raavi mano

      i subed

    85. Sean Minecraft

      I subscribed

    86. Sir smiley face

      Videos aren’t as nice with face cam just sayin ur face is amazing but distracting. Anyway all things apart amazing video and editing!

    87. vladimir 11


    88. vladimir 11

      2.27 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    89. ¿¡ J a c k e l y n ¡¿

      Skeppy: Where You Going Where You Going BadBoy..?~ Me: AAAAAAAAAAA! 💙❤

    90. Isom’s regular day

      Do you. Know prestonplayz

    91. zanderxxxrose

      no its not knockback stick its the grandpa stick lol

    92. Abdullah AlAnsari

      salam brother

    93. Hanna

      That one hair- AUGHHHHHHHHHH

    94. Hanna

      Ayo that example abt blue and green-

    95. MALTA

      Skeppys face looks so handsome

    96. Sloths Rule

      They're both shorter. I'm 14 and 6 foot

    97. Jadey Jadey

      bbh:SHORTY me:thats good you did know that right skeppy? RIIIIIIGHT?

    98. Nijimura Okuyasu

      “Hey all of bases are different heights” Oi josuke, I used ZA HANDO to erase the space above and below the bases! Ain’t that whacky?!

    99. John John

      Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars Bedwars BedwarsvBedwarsvBedwars

    100. odin karim

      can you play more bed wars (troll)