Being Super Clingy To BadBoyHalo To Confuse Him


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    Skeppy "acts" super clingy towards BadBoyHalo

    Today BadBoyHalo and I are playing Minecraft and building together, my favorite activity ever in the world! Bad is my best friend and I love spending time with him. I even let him have all my items because I just think he's so awesome and such a good friend. And as you can see real friends build block by block next to each other that's just a fact of life. Also no one should talk to him except for me, his best friend, obviously. I am so lucky to have Bad as my best friend! Also I am an inspirational quote book apparently we love to see it. Can you believe he tried to go AFK on me? Wow. Honestly just, wow. Real friends work through their problems though so we are all good now. Now comment 10 nice things about me please and THANK YOU

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's actually me just confusing BadBoyHalo by being super clingy and nice LMAO

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    1. MilkNSenpai

      i see no difference

    2. Nutella ToastGirl

      5:10 Literally my brother when I do something like that 🤣

    3. cuties_chylzy

      Awe that's cute I hope they get married

    4. Samsterhamster 2

      “💖I like everything about you💖” “I like, most.. things about you…” REJECTED

    5. Local Emo

      Bbh is so easily guilt tripped like omg he's too wholesome 😫🤌🏻

    6. gaming hussain

      no homo tho right??

    7. Moon Wolf

      Skeppy almost broke my ears I was wearing headphones when he started shouting 😂

    8. The awesome Jacob 1

      It's like he's on antidepressants or drugs

    9. Scarlett

      imagine the madness bbh felt when skeppy was making them put blocks together counting down from 10

    10. _.AliceNotFound._

      Badboyhalo: Skeppy Lyrics: Skippy, skuppy, stubby

    11. • L o r a •

      Geppy 😭😃🖐

    12. Icy_hot Shoto

      I smell a new ship

    13. cute Axolotl


    14. 罒𝘾𝘼𝙏罒

      *WHY* WHY *WHYYY* WHYYY *WHYYYYY* WHYYYYYY *”I love it when you talk to me~”* AWW- 💀

    15. Stormy the Wolphiine

      I freaking died laughing XD

    16. Uncle Cracker L

      Omg skephalo moment cheak Even though its a prank, I think badboyhalo liked the clingyness Uwu

    17. MarshMellowBeach¶º

      ok this is a big too clingy

    18. MarshMellowBeach¶º

      wait isint it offensive to give skeppy diamond blocks? because its kinda like skeppys kind and they dead... UMMMMMMM

    19. Kiera Ryan

      por bbh -_-

    20. Pelu Doge

      This is sus

    21. Gamer09


    22. Well TasmaniiC

      Skeppy: "Send me a picture of the water! We need ro have trust in our friendship!" Bbh: Literally has trust issues because of Skeppy.

    23. Cray


    24. LillyTeo Wilson

      This is too cute!!!!!!

    25. Danis Fun Adventures


    26. The Man Behind The eggs

      This is adorable awww

    27. Lily Harris

      love there friendship!!

    28. Pearl Abijo

      AHH get a roommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn

    29. Sid The Bloxer

      a liability 10:23

    30. TNT Gaming

      2:59 bbh says ayaaaa skeppy turn off ur chatttt :)

    31. Gessa Abano

      This is funny🤣 and cute😍😋

    32. RaiyanXSZ

      Skeppy : *I love it when you talk to me" BBH : *I love it when you talk to me too" Skeppy : you are the peanut butter to my jelly BBH : oh my god- LOL I CAN'T RN

    33. Falcon_Playz

      this makes you realize that the skeppy golden age is not over

    34. Roxanne Fahy

      The way now Bbh didn't shout language at first but he cracked so easily

    35. ఌ Miilky


    36. James Cummings

      It's weird that bbh doesn't like saying the f word the s word and the b word but Skeppy says it but they are still in l💙🖤❤

      1. Abhigna Naik

        it's not wired it's just him he doesn't swear :)

    37. Mahesh N


    38. dearaeolus


    39. Rene Rosas

      My brothers laughed every time you you fast talked

    40. Hope Jackson


    41. notagoodgamerx

      This should have been called being a simp to badboyhalo

    42. Bushra Malik

      7:35 skeppy: i am thinking about you :)

    43. Derpy_Axolotl

      The world doesn’t deserve this much wholesomeness

    44. arif fahmi

      this is too good

    45. mushy☕

      when skeppy says "being clingy to confuse bbuh"- he means "being 100% clingy to confuse bbh"

    46. ardina aishah mh saleh


    47. [VW] VortexWolves

      i love this vid

    48. TheOrangeInThePicture

      Could you do another video like this

    49. Mastablasta2064


      1. Mastablasta2064


      2. Mastablasta2064


    50. Stupid person

      Everyone else talking about how cute this video is: Me: ………the thumbnail looks like Skeppy is peeing on bbh😵… Me: but the video is really cute lol 😂

    51. Wumdyy Buhg

      Skeppy's "inspirational quotes" became legit pick-up lines halfway through the video I'm gone-

    52. Aienla Imchen

      One question: who is the bottom??

    53. Rachel Saintleger

      @skeppy your being really funny

    54. xyrone loyd lanorias

      Oh my god the fanfics are being produced right now

    55. ItzJustEllie

      How is BBH so patient 😂

    56. Nina

      Oh! This video is so nice.

    57. LYNN

      Did skeppy read ao3 before filming this? Fr they got free real-life content now

    58. Sethika Kuluppuarachchi


    59. dean dewet

      wa this is so cute

    60. dean dewet

      wa this is so cute

    61. Charles_in


    62. XxfrogxX

      What the hell am I watching

    63. Mara Halling

      So what's different?

    64. ★Mirls World★

      "Skeppy "acts" super clingy towards BadBoyHalo" "ACTS"

    65. Gacha Po̥ͦtato̥ͦ

      11:15 for no reason this is my favourite part in the video and this 11:20

    66. Save gacha + Dnf


    67. Save gacha + Dnf


    68. Saja Chehab

      I can’t imagine being badboyhalo rn

    69. Brinbrin Fuller

      All Skephalo supporters be like.. 🥺😂🏳️‍🌈

    70. Shizan Aboobacker


    71. Azaura Widowed

      12:29 i have rewatched this clip to the end so many times

    72. Ryan Mayhall


    73. 2nd Australian creeper


    74. nikola plays


    75. Syaifulmokhtar sepul61

      Oh and my name is Qalesyaa I'm From Malaysia... :)

      1. 2nd Australian creeper

        China Malaysia japan

    76. Syaifulmokhtar sepul61

      I'm only 3 yers old :) i'm a Kid and i'm play minecraft :)

    77. Syaifulmokhtar sepul61

      Hi Skeepy I like you Vidio

    78. Buttered Toast :D

      *I love everything about you

    79. Francheska Louise Espinosa

      Skeppy: I would not leave you out of my sight BBH: awwwwww ok Me: so clingy like I dont think your pranking him

    80. jillian gajardo

      🤣🤣this is funny🤣🤣

    81. Jessie and Hailey


    82. Jessie and Hailey

      Skeppy: *digs hole in the ground to kill bbh* Skeppy: I cant imagine my life without you Me: wait what??????

    83. Go pico yeah yeah go pico oh

      11:10 lol

    84. ꧁ᴏʜʙᴇᴇᴘʙᴏᴘ꧂

      Awwwww skeppy is shipping *S k e p h a l o* •u•

    85. roblox girlie YT

      pov: *there secretly have kids*

    86. Grace Amuchastegui

      The blank-loving

    87. Sierra Scarpino


    88. Yoconda Abad

      Skeppy:double pinky promise with a cherry on top me: this be to clingy o-o;

    89. 🥀Souloflight_anime8🥀

      This is not clinging it’s simping😂 no hater

    90. Phoebe Quiros

      "SKEPPY IM SORRY FOR YELLING" (over and over) SKEPPY: WAAAAH, ... Really?

    91. Rin S.

      lowkey reminds me of my dad with my mom lol

    92. mr. gamer


    93. sempermonsterful

      =3 lol VwV =)

    94. bee 🐝

      "aw he did it" -skeppy..

    95. Mylene Badajos


    96. rbl_cutie

      I'm not shipping this but.... THIS IS SO CUTE OMGGGGGF

      1. rbl_cutie


    97. Zuleyca Santiago

      This def going to skephalo compilations

    98. Xx_sleepyhead_xX

      This is if there channel was entirely skephalo