I Troll BadBoyHalo with a Cursed Minecraft Plugin


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    Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo with a Fake Portal Mod. This was the best thing ever.

    Today I am trolling BadBoyHalo in Minecraft and... honestly what else is new. Seriously guys though this was one of the FUNNIEST trolls I've EVER done on Bad, like I think he actually lost his mind this time, and so will you after watching this LMAO. He even starts talking to himself at one point it was honestly so sad. Talking about the difference between imaginary blocks and real blocks, smh. Basically today we are challenging Bad to a series of parkour challenges, but what he doesn't know is that I've installed these CRAZY portal mods and it was so, so hilarious. This video was so fun and funny to make so if you enjoyed this please hit this video with a like :D If this gets 100k likes maybe I'll use another mod like this to troll the muffin man. Also sub to @BadBoyHalo to lend him your brain cells he really needs your support right now.

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    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's BadBoyHalo getting really, really confused for 10 minutes LMAO

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    1. Danielle Crane

      did he just say ''who are you?'' uhhhh

    2. NisaA

      the troll master

    3. EugeneKarl Rusit Garcia

      why is bbh so dumb

    4. Kathryn Trevino

      Me “wat

    5. draco

      Hahahahahahahahahah sooooo funny I lost 5 brain sells

    6. NotRumi

      The INTRO is super cool...!

    7. SuperMicro

      He yells who are you and then it says disconnected lol

    8. adam shaikh

      1 word: matrix. (mic drop)

    9. Youran Li

      I remember your video when you got trolled

    10. Elix2_v

      10:05 Ngl that was kinda like scary LIKE IF YOU WERE WATCHING A HORROR MOVIE

    11. °Gacha Emma123°


    12. Panther Ent.

      U should've done this with technoblade

    13. Jake

      0:08 he scared me

    14. Reysa Iarrah Joaquin

      I HAVE MC ON MY LAPTOP 1.16.5

    15. №ⁿ⁰

      Oh btw I've watched the intro 69 times

    16. Rocking slingshot

      I losted brayn kells wathin dis viteo

    17. C_ryptic

      bill cypher: *I taught him well*

    18. Alesha mysterious

      Omg at the end I had goosebumps like it was like so crazy that at the very end it got disconnected

    19. Yeet Snake


    20. gamerolim

      What mod is that

      1. Muhammad Fuzail

        Its the glass mod

    21. 2we1 qwddqwd

      To the people that are wondering, the mod is called GLASS

    22. Solyana Negash

      Let Jesus Christ be with you all amen and

      1. Muhammad Fuzail

        Allah and Rasulullah ‎ﷺ will be with ME

    23. GD Hexagon


    24. Christopher,852,wolfie,Izzy

      Subscribe to skeppy!😁

    25. NonSensicalEden

      10:28 disconectted

    26. Marbeth Aringay

      What mode are you using?

      1. AStupid


    27. young Dee

      Why did this have to be so confusing that even I was confused and I’m the one watching this

    28. iV Dragonz

      10:05 IT WAS A L I E

    29. Arkaan Efandi

      In 00:14 skeppy just bill cipher voice

    30. giffordPM

      Bruh the fall of bhh

    31. Kяυzσ.

      what's the music in 0:07

    32. covid-mon

      I love how it says disconnected at the end

    33. Kai Silva

      Who is your Idol

    34. •~Nezuko Kamado~•


    35. Soupy_Gaming

      Me who has 2 brain cells:NOOOOO I CANT LOSE THE ONLY ONES I HAVE AHHHHH

    36. Karlo Čengić

      mod name : General Layman's Aesthetic Spying Screen


      Voice changer: 𝕀𝕋 𝕎𝔸𝕊 𝔸 𝕃𝕀𝔼 bbh: WHO IS THIS

    38. • In0t._.blvbzy •

      "IT WAS ALL A LIE" -My dad saying watermelon seeds grow in my stomach

    39. NeathTheKing

      5:13 sus

    40. Mia Walker

      disconnected 10:27

    41. Beluga Jr

      i got a headache and lost brain cells from this

    42. CookieGuy YT

      “Ur gonna lose brain cells because of this” Jokes on you, I have none!

      1. Random Dude

        Jokes on you, HE ALREADY MADE ME LOSE THEM ALL!

    43. kean dillow


    44. just a normal monky

      WHAT EVEN IS HAPPE- disconnected

    45. BlueBoi


    46. Jazzy 13

      Skeppy is a demon At 0:16

    47. Dope Dude

      WHO ARE U

    48. Rowelito Tan

      Hi skephalo

    49. Barry Allen

      At 10:21 people saw skeppy and badboy halo. I saw Wanda and agnes

    50. this vid is so confusing

    51. Ssundees funny Moments

      IT WAS A LIE!!

    52. 🍄Himikuchu🍄

      Alternate Title: Light blu teletubby convinces a muffin that he’s in the Matrix

    53. Humaira Choudhry

      But but but I only have one more brain cell left of fee

    54. Drayevin Lewis

      Alternative title: badboyhalo losses it

    55. ToxicHarry

      Skippy i love your videos and I don’t know how badboyhalo doesn’t know that you are always trolling him.😂😂🤣🤣

    56. Micro Glitch

      5:26 [OOOP-]

    57. Micro Glitch

      [omg the beginning-]

    58. Tami Gray

      not even a sec YOUR LIFE IS A SIMULATION

    59. Itsumi

      BREAKING NEWS: Minecraft mod causes brain cell loss

    60. Roshelle Llenado

      Skephilo 😏 💕 love


      I love your vids skeppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. AswyGaming

      What was the twinkle music right at the end that music i really want that music name

    63. Ley

      10:20 **turning into bill cipher**

    64. It's scared me 😨

    65. Pyro

      BaDbOYhALo SAid WhO aRe YoU

    66. BoltzYT

      i love how badboyhalo said WHO R U? in the intro lol

    67. Marisa DeSanti

    68. Omg the satanic voice in the begining actually scared me---

    69. Happy9149

      Next vid troll bbh with cursed pack

    70. Pls comment down billow if u want to see more skippy prank

    71. XxMidnight_FirexX

      The thumbnail just made me laugh idk why XD

    72. shazad Ahmad

      bro when he said it wass all a lie was creepy

    73. Super Ice G

      Badboyhalo speaking to his face resemblence on the ceiling is the cutest thing I've ever seen

    74. Lorena Adonay

      i love how in the end it just said "disconnected"

    75. Brownie dog


    76. Tweetynick 1

      Dat intro"............... I was wearing headphones

    77. GingerCat AJ


    78. SimpCodm


    79. Charizard

      That intro was cursed

    80. Regzal TG

      Spifey used this on skeppy 2 years ago lol

    81. INA SUN JING HUI Moe

      bbh talking to bbh what an good elusion

    82. My life Sucks

      Skeppy I can’t loose my last brain s cell please I need that it’s all I live off of

    83. chris

      NEXT ON SKEPPY: I Let Badboyhalo Out Of my Basement To Troll Him

    84. Talon Massey

      30 seconds in and my head already hurts! That means this must be a skeppy vid!

    85. Jude Anthony


    86. Chastity Carroll

      10:07 none of this was in the SKY it was a LIE

    87. Tyrone Dayrit

      I Love The Part That He Said That "None Of This Was In The Sky" and then the "It Was All A Lie!"

    88. CarterRLgaming

      Bruh skeptic hardly uploads

    89. robloxplayer.one1

      bbh is like a girl in this part 5:26

    90. Jaeda_gaming

      The bed color 😮😆

    91. MinerBloxer64

      I need this mod

    92. uchiha kaito

      reality is an illusion -skeepy you were already under my genjutsu-skeepy

    93. kurama Uzumaki

      7:54 its the illasion

    94. Shinny Shergill

      The thumbnail made me laugh so hard!

    95. Evelyn the great :}

      I wish I could meet you:(

    96. Scibanana

      Hear me out: Alternate title: "I troll BadBoyHalo by breaking the laws of physics/shattering the spacetime continuum"

    97. BBH banded me on a server for no reason

    98. Dragon Gaming

      I tried this mod and I can’t get it to work properly some of the glass stopped showing the cave I was projecting and it was sideways

    99. Judy Ann Obra

      Bbh just cursed 1:56 use cc

    100. scralex 11

      0:24 nice world